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The best countries for care homes

How does the care we offer our elderly communities differ across the globe? In this article we find out who is topping the charts and why.

A guide to charities for older people

Looking to help the elderly community by donating? We have uncovered the best UK charities that help the elderly live the happiest lives.

A look at pet therapy in care homes

In this article we look into how pets can have positive benefits to those living in care or isolated care environments.

How to choose the right care home

Choosing the right care home is an important decision and with our latest guide, we have put together some must-know advice and tips on how to do so.

Changes to the Decision Support Tool and checklist for NHS Continuing Healthcare 2018

Following the updated National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare in 2018, we analyse the changes to the Decision Support tool and checklist assessments.

National Framework for CHC and FNC October 2018 Revised

The Department of Health and Social Care published a revision to the National Framework for continuing healthcare funding on 1 March 2018. This revision comes into effect on 1 October 2018. The Compass CHC team analyse the changes and the impact.

Can I Claim Back Care Home Fees?

The often-asked question of ‘Can I claim back care home fees?’ is unfortunately not a straightforward yes or no. We look at more details below.

Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Guidance

Continuing healthcare fast-track funding is an entirely separate form of funding provided for continuing healthcare. We have looked at the details below.

What are the 12 Care Domains of Continuing Healthcare?

We have analysed the care domains and how they assessed in more detail here.

What is a Primary Healthcare Need?

We have looked at what is classed as a primary health need during the continuing healthcare funding process.

How Do I Appeal an NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Decision?

Appealing an NHS continuing healthcare decision can be time consuming (people can wait for months, or even years) and very distressing for individuals and their families.

In the News: Dying Cancer Patient Loses Health Care Funding After Needs Deemed “Not Severe Enough”

With stories in the news of more terminally ill patients losing their continuing healthcare funding, Compass CHC's Managing Director Tim Davies has offered his views on the issues.

How to Apply for NHS Continuing Care

The process of applying for Continuing Healthcare can be a confusing one, so we have outlined the various stations of the process below.

Is NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Means Tested?

As one of our most frequently asked questions, we have looked to shed some light on the query above.

Drug to Treat Alzheimer’s Could Only Be Five Years Away

After a major breakthrough, a drug to treat Alzheimer’s could be just five years away.

Jess and Charlie become Pets As Therapy Volunteers

Compass CHC employee gives back to the community by working as a pet therapy volunteer in spare time.
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