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What costs are covered by NHS CHC funding?

Continuing Healthcare Funding, also known as CHC Funding, is free healthcare provided by the NHS and it can cover up to 100% of care…

BBC 2 Hospital: the NHS, dementia & continuing healthcare

Episode three of the current BBC2’s Hospital series provides an eye opening and very raw insight into the stress delays in obtaining NHS continuing healthcare can cause patients and family members.

Dementia isn’t a dirty word

We read with admiration, the recent HuffPost blog by Khadra Abdi; what a very powerful and moving account of living with Alzheimer’s and of the invaluable work of Alzheimer’s Society.

Braunton artist creates bespoke illustrations for Barnstaple company

North Devon artist Hannah Makepeace has been commissioned by Barnstaple firm Compass CHC to create bespoke illustrations to depict the nature of their work more sensitively

Some of our recent successes

The process of securing NHS continuing healthcare funding can be a long and protracted one, so it is always a pleasure for us to share success stories

We examine a FAQ surrounding continuing healthcare & appeals

"I’m going through an appeal; can the CCG complete a new DST before the appeal has concluded?"

Is there an upper limit to amount NHS continuing healthcare funding will cover?

The untruths, misunderstanding and myths surrounding NHS continuing healthcare continue to astound us and cause distress to our clients, here we clarify a recent funding related query.

In the news: the Daily Mail discusses how care homes may be breaking the law

We comment on the Daily Mail's “rip-off care homes” article

What is the Difference Between Healthcare and Social Care?

We are often asked about the difference between healthcare and social care and how it impacts on funding.

Comparing the social care manifestos

BBC Radio 4’s ‘You & Yours’ programme recently ran a feature on Social Care & the crisis ridden NHS has formed a major part of the three main parties' 2017 manifestos with all three promising more money for health care.

How will the Tory social care manifesto affect me?

With the social care system under intense strain, we review the Conservative social care manifesto and explain its long-term impact

We’re supporting Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia is set to be the 21st Centuries biggest killer and this week is Dementia Awareness Week.

In the News: Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain reveal that private care home residents pay £214 more a week than local-authority residents

Alzheimer’s & Continuing Healthcare Funding

Does having Alzheimer's disease automatically qualify a person for NHS continuing healthcare funding? The experts at Compass CHC explain why it's not quite that simple...

What is a ‘Fast Track’ Continuing Healthcare Assessment?

We explain what the fast track assessment for continuing healthcare is and how it can benefit patient's with deteriorating conditions.

5 key facts about continuing healthcare

Tim Davies, Managing Director and (non-practicing) solicitor of Compass CHC has put together five handy facts about NHS continuing healthcare funding to help you understand the process.
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