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Claire Howes | Review left on Trust Pilot

It’s been a very worrying, stressful and frustrating year with the added stress and difficulties caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Compass team and advocate were friendly, supportive and very professional.

There is a lot of preparation, gathering information to prepare a supporting case. The advocate was there to advise and help navigate the NHS national framework and DST assessment meetings and she was brilliant at articulating our case, which helped enormously to relieve the pressure.

Its a complicated process to secure a positive result for eligibility for NHS continuing health care, in our case it took a year and two assessments.

I highly recommend anyone who has a relative that you think may be entitled to NHS continuing health care and is facing this daunting process, to talk to Compass.

Do not delay, contact us today. We specialise in securing funding from day 1 and assisting families with the process from the outset. Don’t wait until a negative decision has been made and it is then necessary to have to appeal the outcome. This can take many months and all the while the patient will be having to pay the cost of their care.

Did you know?

If an individual is approaching the end of their life then a “fast track” Continuing healthcare funding assessment may be appropriate. This enables the individual to receive prompt NHS funding to meet the cost of care at the end of life stage.

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