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Julie Johnston | Review left on Trust Pilot

I made contact with Compass after reading about CHC funding and wondering if my Mum, who has dementia and is in a residential care home, might qualify for it. Callum advised me she has a good case. I was initially very sceptical. How to work out work out if I could really trust this company? It seemed a lot of money to spend upfront before I really knew how strong the case was .

My scepticism was totally misplaced, my initial fears couldn’t have been more unfounded. Compass were great throughout – open, professional, calm and supportive when I was mega-stressed. They always got back to me, always listened well, always kept me informed. Progress was a bit slow initially for us because Mum’s care home took time to provide the right notes which ultimately provided the evidence needed.

Compass advocated for Mum on both checklist and CHC full assessment. I was extremely glad to have their calm support throughout. the process (which I found a bit of an emotional roller coaster). I was especially thankful for the reassurance provided to me after a telephone encounter with a hostile social work manager who told me Mum didn’t meet the criteria for CHC. Compass was successful in getting CHC funding for Mum. I could not have done this on my own and would 100% have been put off going to assessment by the comments of Social Services.

I highly recommend Compass and will be asking them to advocate again for mum when her CHC funding comes up for review.

Thank you Compass, your work was worth every penny.

Please click here to view the above review on our Trust Pilot page.

Do not delay, contact us today. We specialise in securing funding from day 1 and assisting families with the process from the outset. Don’t wait until a negative decision has been made and it is then necessary to have to appeal the outcome. This can take many months and all the while the patient will be having to pay the cost of their care.

Did you know?

If an individual is approaching the end of their life then a “fast track” Continuing healthcare funding assessment may be appropriate. This enables the individual to receive prompt NHS funding to meet the cost of care at the end of life stage.

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