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Charity of the Year

Each year we nominate a ‘Charity of the Year’. The chosen charity benefits from the proceeds of our 12 month program of fundraising and we reward these efforts with our donation matching program which sees us matching or rounding up any fundraising undertaken by members of staff.

The chosen charity will always be relevant to the work we undertake and the conditions that affect our clients, e.g. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Marie Curie, MND.

Our charity for 2022 is the Alzheimer’s Society.


We recognise the importance of volunteering and the positive impact it has upon the communities in which we live and work. At Compass CHC, employees support the causes they care about most through donations of time and money.

We encourage our employees to take a day of paid leave each year to volunteer at a charity or event of their choosing. We feel it is important to be as active in our local communities as we possibly can and volunteering allows us to assist in a way which makes a tangible difference.

The Environment

Compass CHC’s CSR vision is to build environmental sustainability into each business function and process.

We operate a general energy saving policy which includes minimising electricity usage wherever possible, e.g. turning radiators down / off at night and ensuring no lights left on in offices when rooms are not in use. We encourage the use of energy saving LED lighting and light bulbs where permissible throughout our offices.

As well as recycling office waste (all cardboard, paper, plastic and other recyclable materials) each week; we take particular care to recycle confidential waste which – once shredded – is reused as horse bedding.
We also urge our staff, wherever possible, to use public transport on client attendances and our office based staff are encouraged to utilise public transport / park and ride initiatives to travel to and from work.


Our employees matter.

The quality, professionalism, expert knowledge and empathy of the employees at Compass CHC is a decisive factor in the success of the company and we therefore demand a lot from our staff. In turn, the employees are clear about what is expected of them and how they can play an active part in our growth.

We devote time to the development of our staff in order to expand their skill set and employability. This is done by giving them the opportunity to enhance their level of personal development through on-the-job training and workplace know-how exchanges, expansion of responsibilities, internal promotion and the attendance of external courses.

Do not delay, contact us today. We specialise in securing funding from day 1 and assisting families with the process from the outset. Don’t wait until a negative decision has been made and it is then necessary to have to appeal the outcome. This can take many months and all the while the patient will be having to pay the cost of their care.

Did you know?

If an individual is approaching the end of their life then a “fast track” Continuing healthcare funding assessment may be appropriate. This enables the individual to receive prompt NHS funding to meet the cost of care at the end of life stage.

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