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What is NHS continuing healthcare funding?

Cost of living and cost of care crisis – what is continuing healthcare?

Cap on care costs cancelled – What does this mean for me?

Feedback from a Compass Client – Simon & Joanne

Feedback from a Compass Client – Joanne

Feedback from a Compass Client – Simon

How long should I wait for a continuing healthcare funding decision?

Continuing healthcare funding & how Compass CHC can help

CCGs incorrectly moving patients out of own homes

What’s the process for securing NHS continuing healthcare funding

Can a CCG overturn a MDT continuing healthcare funding decision?

Can a solicitor or expert advocate attend the CHC assessment?

What can I do if I don’t agree with the assessment outcome?

What is NHS continuing healthcare?

What does a specialist continuing healthcare company offer that I can’t do myself?

Why is Lasting Power of Attorney so important?

What is the proposed care cap?

What to look for in a continuing healthcare expert

My relative has dementia so do they automatically qualify for continuing healthcare funding?

What is an NHS appeal panel for continuing healthcare?

Advocates at Compass CHC: Tim Davies LLB

Is there an upper limit to amount NHS continuing healthcare funding will cover?

What is our success rate for securing NHS continuing healthcare funding?

I want to move my relative to a care home in a different CCG catchment area; is this possible?

Social Services, financial assessments & NHS Continuing Healthcare explained

Why is the CCG taking so long to complete the continuing healthcare assessment?

Why won’t the CCG pay for my parents’ care home fees whilst we are appealing the DST?

We investigate the time it will take to secure CHC funding

Compass CHC can assist you in your CHC funding journey

What has the impact of coronavirus been on Continuing Healthcare Funding?

The cap on care costs explained

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