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Did you hear the Today programme on Radio 4?

It highlighted the appalling lack of awareness surrounding NHS continuing healthcare, the unacceptably long delays to get an assessment completed and the astronomical cost of care

The Today team spoke with Mr Mcmanus whose wife died after a long battle with dementia. His assessment of NHS continuing healthcare was that it’s “grossly underfunded with very long delays between stages”. It took Mr Mcmanus 2 years to get a formal assessment for his wife and although the initial checklist identified the need for funding – his wife’s symptoms included Dementia / double incontinence / immobility / had to be fed / epilepsy / chocking fits, the full assessment ascertained that the need for care wasn’t medical but social and Mr Mcmanus had to pay almost £400k in care fees (£50k a year).

In a recent blog “We’d never heard of NHS continuing healthcare funding” we explored the lack of awareness around NHS continuing healthcare.

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Listen to the full interview here

Author: Tim Davies LLB

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