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Continuing Healthcare Funding going into 2021

Alongside all NHS services, Covid 19 had a severe impact on Continuing Healthcare funding in 2020.

Emergency legislation was passed in March 2020 that meant that legal obligations placed on the NHS and Social Care teams to undertake assessments were temporarily suspended whilst the country was in lockdown.  Assessments have however recommenced since September 2019 and patient’s are again being assessment for entitlements to continuing healthcare funding.  It is therefore crucial that if you have a relative with health needs that ought to be assessed for continuing healthcare funding you seek expert advice without delay.

One recurrent theme we have encountered at Compass CHC relates to misinformation provided to the family of patients who may be entitled to continuing healthcare funding.  We have been told of instances of family being advised by a host of sources, including GP’s, hospital staff and care home managers that continuing healthcare funding no longer exists.  This is simply incorrect!

Continuing healthcare funding remains in place.  If an individual’s need for care is due to having primarily health needs then they are entitled to the cost of their care being met in full by the NHS.  It is not in any way means tested.  Assessments are being undertaken via a variety of means including via telephone and video link where it is not feasible for in person assessments to take place.  Now more than ever it is crucial to have an expert in your corner assisting you to ensure that where the patient meets the criteria for funding, they are provided it without delay.

If you have a relative in care who you believe may be entitled to continuing healthcare funding contact us today.  We offer free, strictly no obligation assessments with a continuing healthcare funding expert.  We will go through matters with you in detail and provide you free advice as to whether there is likely to be an entitlement to the funding or not.  This advice is provided at no cost.

Don’t delay, contact us today.

Author: Tim Davies LLB

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