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Do dementia sufferers have to pay care home fees?

Dementia sufferers can be left with the most complex of care needs as a result of the impact the disease can have on the individual.  Issues such as a lack of cognition and ability to assess risk along with extremely challenging behaviour that poses a risk to themselves and others can result in a person suffering from dementia requiring an exceptionally high level of care that will come with an exceptionally high cost if being paid privately.

Many are unaware that there is in fact funding provided by the NHS that will pay the cost of an individual’s care, in full, no matter what their financial situation.  It is not means tested and is decided on whether or not the individual’s need for care is primarily due to a health need.  Factors such as their wealth or if they own a home are completely irrelevant and not assessed.

As such it is not the case that dementia sufferers are automatically entitled to free care home fees or care costs, but if the result of their condition means they have complex care needs that are intense, complex or unpredictable in their nature the NHS are required by law to step in and pay for all care.

What is the funding that can pay the dementia sufferers care home fees?

The funding is called NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.  It is provided when the patient’s need for care is a primary health need – and this means their issues are complex intense or unpredictable in their nature.  When this is the case then NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding has to be provided.  This is not means tested and will cover the cost of care in full. 

So whilst it is not the case that if someone has dementia they will automatically receive funding for their care costs, if the needs they have as a result of the dementia are severe it may well be they are entitled to continuing healthcare funding.  The problem arises that people who meet the criteria for the funding can be incorrectly denied it. 

How do I secure Continuing Healthcare Funding for my relative with dementia?

If you have a relative with severe needs as a result of dementia you should not hesitate to contact our team of continuing healthcare funding experts.  We shall provide you with a completely free and no obligation consultation where we can answer any queries you have on continuing healthcare funding and, if you wish, we can carry out a free assessment with you and guide you as to whether there is an entitlement to Continuing Healthcare Funding for your relative.

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