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Do I need a specialist company to assist with a Continuing Healthcare Funding application?

The Continuing Healthcare Funding process can be a complex area to tackle, and the stakes are very high. An individual suffering from severe dementia with a high level of needs can be paying well in excess of £2,000 a week and this figure can be significantly higher.

The indisputable fact is that individuals are being incorrectly refused Continuing Healthcare Funding. The proof of this is the number of successful appeals of decisions to refuse funding at local NHS Appeals and at NHS England appeal levels. If this was not the case and everyone who was entitled to Continuing Healthcare was provided it, there would never be a successful appeal of an original decision not to provide the funding.

The Government’s National Audit Office has previously investigated and found that in the year period they reviewed, NHS England overturned around 1/3 of the decisions they were presented with and awarded funding that had previously been denied at initial assessment and local NHS Appeal level. This demonstrates that the funding is not being correctly provided in a high percentage of cases.

Why should I use Compass CHC?

  • The simple question that prospective clients should ask themselves is, “In what other area would I not use a specialist expert to assist me when so much is at stake?”. For example, it is in theory possible to do your own conveyancing without a solicitor on a house purchase but very few people would do so given the nature of what is at risk if it goes wrong. Being incorrectly denied funding, could have a financial cost of in excess of £100,000 a year to a patient in a dementia care setting. We have been contacted by families of a patient in care where an entire lifetimes savings including the family home have been spent on care. Even a delay of a week in securing the funding that an expert could have avoided will amount to thousands of pounds a month.

Compass CHC deal exclusively with Continuing Healthcare Funding matters. This is all we do and all we ever have done and we are nationally recognised experts in the area.

  • Our medical and legal team. (please click here to view our team page) We operate a team made up of both non-practicing lawyers and clinical experts. Our medical consultants include a neurologist, an emergency medicine and general practice doctor, a pharmacist and an experienced Registered General nurse. We believe that this combination of legal and medical experts truly sets us apart from anyone else.
  • The size of our team is another factor that we believe makes us unique and sets us apart. We have over 70 staff and have the capacity to advance your case without delay. We are able to ensure that all the required pressure and administrative tasks are done without delay, as a delay of even a week in securing funding can cost the client thousands of pounds in care costs.
  • We are experts in this area. Every single member of our non-practicing legal team are Continuing Healthcare Funding experts. It is all they do. As a company we have been assisting clients secure continuing healthcare funding since 2014. Our reviews from clients we have helped demonstrate what we do and how we do it.
  • Our fees are fixed. There is no uncertainty of what costs you will pay. They are set out in black and white from day one. Our fees are also staged so you only pay for the services you require. We believe in absolute transparency. There are no hourly rates and uncertain limits of how much time will be needed for your case that leads to unexpected bills. Equally we do not operate no win no fee systems that require you to pay four or five times or greater what our fees amount to if we are successful.
  • We are passionate about what we do. We relentlessly pursue justice for our clients and secure them the funding they are entitled to. It should never be the case that a patient is required to pay for care costs that decimate their lifetime secured assets where the law and the NHS process clearly sets out they meet the criteria for Continuing Healthcare Funding that will pay the costs in full.
  • We provide a completely free, confidential initial assessment service where we review your particular circumstances and advise if we consider there is a case for continuing healthcare funding. There is absolutely no cost for this assessment and no obligation. If your relative has complex care needs and is paying for care do not hesitate to contact us. A Continuing Healthcare Funding expert in our new enquiries team will spend time with you going through all the facts and providing you with a clear assessment and options.

Do not hesitate. Contact us today for a free assessment

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