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In the News: Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain reveal that private care home residents pay £214 more a week than local-authority residents

Did you see Good Morning Britain earlier today (May 11th 2017)? The programme revealed that not only is the cost of care continuing to increase but – per their research – some privately funding residents (those who pay their own fees) are subsidising council-funded care home tenants.

They revealed that private care home residents pay a shocking 44% or £214 more a week than local-authority residents despite receiving the same level of care and living in similar or identical accommodation. Former EastEnders star John Partridge joined the Good Morning Britain team this morning to discuss the astromontical cost of care and revealed his mother died with “zero” in her bank account because of the cost of care home fees, just a year after he took part in Celebrity Big Brother to help pay for her medical bills. A clip of John talking can be found here

As a company who specialise in securing NHS continuing healthcare funding for clients with assessed primary health care needs, these figures are sadly all too familiar to us.

Unfortunately, very few people are aware that there is a package of care provided by the NHS which will cover the full cost of care if you meet the stringent criteria. This is called continuing healthcare.

Continuing healthcare funding, also known as CHC funding, is free healthcare provided by the NHS which can be received in any setting outside of hospital including at home, within a hospice or in a care home (either residential or nursing). The package of care is available to people who have significant ongoing healthcare needs, and it covers 100% of care costs.

To be eligible for NHS Continuing healthcare funding, it must be established that your need for care is primarily health related. Additionally, these needs must be assessed as being either complex, intense and unpredictable in their nature or a combination of the same.  It should be noted that a person’s health needs – not their diagnosis – determines whether they are eligible for funding so having a certain diagnosis, for example having been diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Parkinson’s disease, is not in itself an automatic entitlement to free care.

Importantly, it doesn’t matter what your income is or what savings you have, if you meet the criteria, you are entitled to free NHS CHC funding. NHS continuing healthcare funding is not means tested.

As such, if an individual has significant ongoing health needs, it is crucial to secure their entitlement to continuing health care to avoid the liability of paying for care homes.  The issue is that the NHS are increasingly restricting access to the funding and individuals who ought to be eligible are denied continuing healthcare.  When faced with this scenario it is crucial to contact a specialist such as the team at Compass Continuing health care to assist you.  We are industry experts and have a high success rate in securing funding for our clients in the swiftest possible timeframe.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist.  Our FREE, CONFIDENTIAL assessment is available for you to complete online or you can contact a member of our team directly on 0121 227 8940.

Author: Tim Davies LLB

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