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Meet our expert medical consultants

Compass Continuing Healthcare have always operated as both legal and medical experts and are able to bring both to our analysis as to whether an individual meets the criteria for an entitlement to Continuing Healthcare Funding.

As well as having a team of specialist non-practicing lawyers who exclusively work only in the field of Continuing Healthcare Funding, we also have a number of clinical and medical experts on our team.

It is our belief that this is what sets us apart as true experts in the field of Continuing Healthcare Funding. We are able to draw upon the medical expertise of a consultant neurologist, a senior General Practitioner doctor, a senior pharmacist, as well as our Continuing Healthcare specialist Registered General Nurse. Alongside our specialist non-practicing lawyers, we are a formidable team that is unmatched by other companies and law firms operating in this niche area.

Who are the experts?

Dr Jason Ramtahal (please click here to view his profile), who is a senior consultant neurologist. Dr Ramtahal is able to provide unique insight into the often complex areas surrounding a patient’s cognition and any issues surrounding neurological conditions the patient may suffer from such as Dementia, Parkinsons Disease or Alzheimer’s.

Dr Dermaid McMenamin (please click here to view his profile) is a senior General Practitioner and emergency medicine doctor. Dr McMenamin is available to provide his opinion across a broad spectrum of medical queries having worked both in general medicine in the community and in emergency medicine.

Chrissie Watts RGN (please click here to view her profile) is a qualified Registered General Nurse with recent experience working in continuing healthcare funding. Chrissie has undertaken Continuing Healthcare checklists for patient’s and has a career in nursing spanning many years.

Sarah McMenamin (please click here to view her profile) is an advanced Clinical Pharmacist who has been in practice for over 16 years in both hospital and primary care pharmacy settings. Additionally, Sarah first gained experience in Continuing Healthcare Funding matters back in 2015.

The ability to draw upon the expertise of an advanced Clinical Pharmacist if required is both unique and a huge asset given that matters relating to Drug Therapies are an individually assessed domain within the decision support tool and are often a complex matter for consideration.

Experts without comparison

We believe that our unique ability to draw upon the expert clinical opinions if required of such a broad and experienced team of multi-disciplinary team of consultant clinicians sets us apart as experts in the area of Continuing Healthcare Funding. We have been asked “why should I instruct Compass CHC?” The answer is that no one can offer the size, depth and experience of team specialising exclusively in Continuing Healthcare Funding matters. We are unique and we are the leaders in what we do.

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