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Recent client retrospective success of over £200,000 repaid

The Compass CHC team are delighted to report on the recent case success where we were able to assist in the retrospective recovery of over £200,000 of care costs incorrectly charged.

This was the second instance of a successful outcome for this client secured by the Compass CHC team as we initially assisted in securing the patient Continuing Healthcare Funding to meet their care costs whilst in the care home.  This was achieved by establishing the reason there was a need for care was that the patient’s needs were primarily due to having health needs.  In these circumstances the NHS are required, by law, to meet the cost of the patient’s care in full.

Once the Compass CHC team had assisted in ensuring the patient had funding on an ongoing basis and they would not have to pay for their care moving forward, the clients instructed us to look backwards and establish whether the care costs that had already been paid ought to have been.  This is known as a retrospective claim for continuing healthcare funding where the patient has paid for care but should not have done as their care needs met the criteria for Continuing Healthcare Funding.

Retrospective recovery claims for continuing healthcare funding can often be a long process.  This is due to the fact that the NHS prioritise the cases of individuals who need current assessment rather than looking back historically as to whether they should have paid.  Nevertheless this is a process that is worth embarking on given what as it stake and what can potentially be recovered.

Richard Lewis, the Managing Director of Compass CHC, said “It is always an exceptionally rewarding moment for the entire team to be able to pass on the news of a successful outcome to a client and thankfully it is a feeling as a company we are often able to enjoy as a result of our expertise in the area of continuing healthcare funding and our high success rates.  Whilst it can be a long process tackling the NHS on these matters, this is a case that demonstrates the value of taking matters forward and seeing them through to a successful conclusion.  We are delighted to have been able to assist this client in securing such a substantial reimbursement of incorrectly paid care costs”.

If you have any queries regarding Continuing Healthcare Funding you should not hesitate to contact the specialist team at Compass CHC for a free, no obligation consultation.

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