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Social care cuts 'major cause' of A&E problems

Is the restriction of access to state funded care resulting in higher costs to other areas for the NHS?

The Compass Continuing Healthcare team comment on this article on the BBC online website:

The article usefully highlights the present issues faced by individuals who ought to be entitled to state funding assistance, either via Local Authority Funding or though an entitlement to continuing healthcare funding via the NHS as their primary need for care is a health need, and the knock of effect these restrictions are having on the NHS budgets.

Unfortunately it is our experience that many encounter restrictions and find their applications for funding blocked despite the fact they ought to be entitled to free care home fees and NHS funding for care homes. The knock on affect of this is clear, as highlighted by the article, as the result is an increasing reliance on alternative NHS resources such as overstretched Accident and Emergency departments. It is our belief that the resistance to fairly apply the criteria to individuals and restricting access to continuing healthcare funding, where the patient ought to be entitled to the cost of their care being met in full, is in fact a false economy for the NHS as it results in costs being raised in other areas.

In this situation it is crucial to instigate the appeals process available and to ensure you have the appropriate expertise in your corner to assist you with the often complex process. If you have a family member paying privately for care and you believe their main need for care is a health need contact a member of our team today for a free, confidential, no obligation discussion.

Author: Tim Davies LLB

Do not delay, contact us today. We specialise in securing funding from day 1 and assisting families with the process from the outset. Don’t wait until a negative decision has been made and it is then necessary to have to appeal the outcome. This can take many months and all the while the patient will be having to pay the cost of their care.

Did you know?

If an individual is approaching the end of their life then a “fast track” Continuing healthcare funding assessment may be appropriate. This enables the individual to receive prompt NHS funding to meet the cost of care at the end of life stage.

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