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The rising cost of care

We comment on the article published in the Daily Telegraph concerning the rising cost of self-funded care

According to a recent Daily Telegraph article by Olivia Rudgard “middle-class families who have to pay for their own care are not merely subsidising council-funded residents but becoming the sole source of care homes’ profits.” The Your Money article examined the rising cost of care fees and explored the reason why self-funders (those who do not qualify for council assistance with fees) appear to be paying a disproportionately higher rate than council-funded residents.

Fees for nursing homes – which provide a higher level of care than care homes – have increased by 10% in three years with the average cost now standing at £874 a week for self-funders meaning an average family may spend in excess of £41,000 a year for their relative’s care. This eye watering amount applies if you have been means tested and have assets (including – in some cases – the family home) in excess of £23,250.

Means testing does not apply however if you are eligible for NHS funded continuing healthcare…

A little known fact it seems, but not every self-funded patient in a nursing should be paying for care. If the individual has been assessed against the National Framework for continuing healthcare and it has been determined that their need for care is a ‘primary health need’ they will be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare funding which will pay the cost of care in its entirety. If an individual has significant ongoing health needs, it is crucial to secure their entitlement to continuing health care to avoid the liability of paying for care homes.  

The issue is that the NHS is increasingly restricting access to the funding and individuals who ought to be eligible are denied continuing healthcare.  When faced with this scenario it is crucial to contact a specialist such as the team at Compass Continuing health care to assist you.  We are industry experts and have a high success rate in securing funding for our clients in the swiftest possible timeframe.

It is not necessary to wait for a negative funding decision; we can assist in influencing the assessment in your relative’s favour while they are still in hospital before any discharge to a nursing home.  Contact us today to find out how we can assist.  Our FREE, CONFIDENTIAL assessment is available for you to complete online or you can contact a member of our team directly on 0121 227 8940.  Don’t delay, start the process in avoiding paying for care homes today.

Author: Tim Davies LLB

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