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Thousands die waiting for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding

An article released by the Daily Express, with research undergone by Barbara Keeley MP, indicates that at least 4,000 applicants have sadly deceased while awaiting CHC funding decisions since 2015.

Barbara Keeley MP states: “It is shameful people with some of the most urgent care needs are dying before they get the support they need.”


NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a system of financial support and care provided by the NHS for vulnerable individuals living in their own home or within a care facility. If an individual’s primary need for care is a health need rather than a social need, the full cost of their care should be met by the NHS.

Appallingly, while waiting for a decision on eligibility, families are required to fund care themselves and in too regular cases, sell the family home. We, at Compass CHC, do everything possible to ensure that your case is proven and that your loved one is rightfully in receipt of the NHS funding as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Of the 164 health authorities that responded to the Daily Express’ Freedom of Information Request, only 79 gave evidence from the past year. This indicates that the true number of individuals that pass away awaiting funding is likely to be more than 1,000 per year. Whether someone is eligible for CHC funding is being more and more contingent on where they live. This postcode lottery is demonstrated in the differences between different Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Luton only accepted 11 cases per 50,000 population but Salford funded 213 per 50,000 population.

Even more astonishing is that worthy CHC recipients and their families are not made aware that the NHS could fund the costs of their care. Judy Downey, of the Relatives & Residents Association Charity, commented that “many people do not know they are eligible for funding so never apply in the first place.”

We, at Compass CHC, are incredibly passionate about ensuring that those eligible for CHC funding receive it.

We are specialists in CHC funding and pride ourselves in providing you with an extensively experienced and knowledgeable service. We appreciate this is a stressful time for you, but rest assured, with our dedication and specialisation of NHS CHC, you have the best possible chance of securing the funding deserved.

Author: Louis Seymour LLB

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