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We've received a care bill, do we have to pay it?

As we continue to explore the most regular queries handled by our experts, we investigate if you should carry on paying for care whilst undergoing a continuing healthcare assessment

Question: We’re using Compass CHC to help us receive NHS continuing healthcare funding but we’ve received a bill from our parent’s care home for £20,000, should we pay it?

Answer: Yes.

If the case is a standard case of securing continuing healthcare funding on an ongoing basis, i.e. the individual is still alive and there are no previous assessments, we will be looking at getting NHS continuing healthcare funding in place going forward from the date of approval. Therefore, if there are any current or previous costs incurred, these should be paid by the client; it is only when a positive DST (Decision Support Tool) has been carried out and ratified and the decision confirmed in writing that the Integrated Care Board (ICB) will start to pay the fees. The individual will be notified of this and thus can stop paying.

With appeal cases, the situation is similar – individuals still have to pay the fees –  but they will be reimbursed if the decision at the appeal is overturned usually from the date of the DST, until present or until another assessment is carried out.

With retrospective claims where the client is deceased, families will need to pay the outstanding amount and if – after assessing the medical records – we believe they should have been eligible for NHS continuing healthcare funding during their lifetime, we would try to claim back some or all of the amount paid.

If you would like further clarification on this or any other continuing healthcare funding query, we will be happy to discuss further.

Compass CHC can help you obtain NHS continuing healthcare funding. Our team of continuing healthcare experts, comprising lawyers (non-practising) and clinicians (including nurses, tissue viability specialists and pharmacists), review and consider the evidence from a clinical perspective before drafting reasoned arguments which identify an individual’s entitlement to the funding by cross-referring the medical evidence to the National Framework for continuing healthcare criteria.

Further, our advocates are all (non-practising) lawyers specialising exclusively in continuing healthcare funding matters.  Compass CHC does not undertake work in any other area which means we have accumulated vast experience attending assessments and appeal hearings at local and NHS England level and we are not distracted by work of other natures.

Compass CHC has helped hundreds of individuals and their families understand and receive NHS continuing healthcare funding. Complete our free, confidential assessment today and an expert member of our team will contact you for a no obligation discussion to outline your options.

Author: Tim Davies LLB

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