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What is CHC care?

CHC care is an abbreviation for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.  Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is provided by the NHS to pay for the cost of a patient’s care in full where the patient’s need for care is primarily due to health reasons.  This means that the patient’s health needs must be complex, intense or unpredictable in their nature. If this is the case than they are entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC care) to pay for their care costs in full.

Is my relative entitled to CHC Care?

Whether a person is entitled to CHC care, or continuing healthcare, is only dependent on if they have primarily health needs.  It is not means tested in any way so whether they own a property or have savings over £23,500 is irrelevant. 

It is also not the case that to qualify for CHC care a person has to be diagnosed with a particular medical condition and it is not the case that a particular condition automatically entitles them to CHC care.  There is a lot of incorrect information surrounding continuing healthcare (CHC care) and it is essential to understand what is false and what is correct. 

CHC Care is provided when an individual has primarily health needs.  This can only be decided when they are assessed.  No one can be told they are not entitled to continuing healthcare funding (CHC care) until they have been assessed fully using the continuing healthcare funding assessment process.

When a patient has health needs that are complex, intense or unpredictable in their nature there is an entitlement to CHC care that will pay for their care cost funding in full.

If you have any questions regarding continuing healthcare (CHC care) you should not hesitate to contact us.  Our team of continuing healthcare funding experts can answer any and all questions you have and will be able to undertake a free, no obligation assessment of your relatives health needs and advise you of their options.

Contact us today and let us navigate you to free care.

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