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What is the impact of the postponement and possible cancellation of the cap on care costs?

It was announced by the government in the Autumn statement that the planned cap on care costs (click here for a link to the article) which limited lifetime care costs paid to £86,000 will be indefinitely postponed. 

Whilst it was the case that the proposed cap on care was not perhaps the answer to the care funding problem and had a number of weaknesses, it was at least an improvement on the reality that care costs will otherwise be paid in full where there are assets of over £23,250.

What is clear is that if there is any chance of entitlement to Continuing Healthcare Funding on the basis that the patient’s need for care is a health need, it should be investigated.  The cost of care is ever increasing and in the absence of any protection from these costs with the cap on care having been removed, the need to explore these options is ever more essential.

Should you have a relative with complex care needs paying for their care you should not hesitate to contact an expert member of our team today for a free, confidential and no obligation assessment.

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