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Who are Compass CHC?

Compass CHC are a company who specialise exclusively in NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding matters.  We do nothing else and have done nothing else since our inception ten years ago.  In that time we have assisted thousands of clients and provide a free, no obligation advice service where we answer questions on Continuing Healthcare Funding issues to hundreds of people every week.

We are truly experts in our field and we are the largest specialist provider of Continuing Healthcare Funding expertise in the country.  We employ over 70 individuals with expertise that ranges from qualified non-practicing solicitors to consultant medical experts including a neurologist, pharmacist and GP.

What sets Compass CHC apart?

We are the largest team of Continuing Healthcare experts in the country

We believe that we are unique.  We have a large team who are able to act immediately in advancing a client’s case for Continuing Healthcare Funding.  When an individual is paying for care delays of days or weeks can amount to additional costs of thousands of pounds. We believe our ability to advance a case on behalf of a client is unmatched because of the size of our team of Continuing Healthcare experts.

Lawyers and clinicians – a combined team of legal and medical experts

Another factor that sets us apart is our unique combination of medical and legal experts.  We have a number of qualified non-practicing lawyers as well as consultant medical experts in our team.  We believe this is unique.  As well as employing a Registered General Nurse we are able to draw on the expertise of our medical consultants who include a Consultant Neurologist, a General Practitioner Doctor and a Pharmacist.

Our fees are fixed

All of our costs are fixed.  From the outset a client will know exactly what cost of using our services will be.  Hourly rate charges are not a system we use.  If a case is complex why should a client pay more? We provide cost certainty from the outset allowing an individual to decide is there a cost to benefit basis to proceed, knowing exactly from day 1 what their liability for costs will be.  Vague estimates are NOT a policy we employ.  We deal in facts and certainty.

Our history

Compass CHC are in our tenth year of assisting individuals in securing Continuing Healthcare Funding.  In that time we have helped thousands of clients and secured millions of pounds in savings of care costs where Continuing Healthcare Funding has been awarded.

Every week we speak with hundreds of individuals struggling with issues surrounding NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding and have a dedicated team of specialist Continuing Healthcare Funding advisors who can answer any questions you may have.

If you have a relative with complex health needs or issues such as severe dementia who is paying for care contact our team of experts today for a free, no obligation and strictly confidential discussion.

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