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Are you missing out on NHS cash to pay care home fees?

We comment on the article published in the Daily Telegraph concerning continuing healthcare funding.

Compass CHC comment on this article in the Daily Telegraph relating to continuing healthcare funding.

Sadly the experience of the family of this particular individual are all too frequent.  We are aware of a high number of instances where the NHS continuing healthcare assessment checklists have been conducted and the family are of the view that matters have been incorrectly recorded and details misrepresented.

The reality is that those attending the continuing healthcare checklist assessment as the representative of the patient need to be extremely vigilant and ensure that their representations are accurately recorded on the checklist.  The representative should also not sign the checklist unless they are certain that they agree with the content throughout.

Further, a full copy of the checklist should be provided immediately as we have been aware of instances where the representative believes that additional information negative to the patient’s entitlement to continuing healthcare funding has been added to the assessment documentation once the representative has signed the checklist and the assessment has concluded.

If you have a relative who is paying for care or if you have any queries relating to continuing healthcare funding please contact our team today for a free, no obligation discussion with one of our experts.  Our office number is 0121 227 8941 Alternatively please complete our free online nursing assessment to see if your relative is entitled to free nursing home fees.

Author: Tim Davies LLB

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